We are rebuilding our school!


Due to increasing rent and lack of space to accommodate a full primary education up to P7, we want to buy our own land and rebuild the Excel Education Centre! We are planning to build more classrooms, kit them out with new equipment and be accessible to as many children as possible. Over half of the population of Bwaise have no or little formal education, AFFCAD are working to change that. With more space, we will be able to increase the number of students from some of the poorest families in the community helping more children than ever attend school. This means 2 specially adapted nursery classrooms and we will be adding two extra year groups so all Excel students graduate with a formal certificate of education ready for entry to secondary school.


Education is one of the most important tools to alleviate poverty. 700,000 children have no access to school in Uganda and 81% of parents lack money to send their kids to school. We want to tackle this problem head on and provide accessible education to kids in poverty in Bwaise. The current Excel Education Centre has given hundreds of children a safe place in which they can learn and now it is time to expand this amazing school with a safer, larger space which can be adapted for AFFCAD’s needs.

Another way how you can help us sustain our school is by becoming a child sponsor. Read more about it!

#ExcelRebuild in Pictures

Headteacher Hadijah with some of the current pupils after the decision to launch the project was taken following the AFFCAD board meeting in December.

One of our teachers at Excel preparing his classroom before we meet all current staff members to discuss their ideas and wishes regarding the rebuild.

Discussions with the landlady and her lawyer. After months of negotiations and much persuasion, considering the site will be used for a community school, the landlady Madina agrees to sell us the land for 500,000,000UGX (approx. $140,000). Still a tough amount to raise but we will get there!

AFFCAD have site surveyed by Wakib from Abattaka Land Services.

A structural engineer visits the buildings which stand on the land we want to purchase.

Dan from SchoolForLife shows us around a school his foundation built in rural Uganda. He accepts to help us build our school!

Our Swiss volunteer Nat after a successful Santa Run with a group of friends; all funds raised going toward our Excel Rebuild project.

Happy faces everywhere: It's the end of February 2018 and we can tell the current landlady Madina that she will receive the full payment for the land as agreed in April! Now, we lay our focus on finalizing the construction plans and finding donors for this next, exciting step.

AFFCAD UK co-founder Liz Parker with Sampson, state agent employed to look for potential plots for our Excel Education Centre.

Our estate agent Sampson in front of the gate which leads to our dream plot for #ExcelRebuild.

AFFCAD obtain the certificate of land registration and the confirmation of land ownership; this certifies that the current landlady does indeed own 100% of the land and is legally allowed to sell it. Next important step in our mission!

Ceetah and Laura from the Fonthill Foundation (fonthill-foundation.org.uk) visit our Excel Education Centre and the new site to get an idea of what the project they might support looks like.

Liz and Richard (co-founder of AFFCAD) set off to kick off the fundraising campaign in Uganda.

Jaffar from AFFCAD admires a chart in one of the classrooms in a school block designed and constructed by SchoolForLife.

January 2018: The UK leadership team, Jaffar and Dan are meeting trustees from Fonthill Foundation to present the project- our first official supporter!

March 2018: Jaffar presenting draft plans to community members, parents and guardians of current pupils at Excel and representants of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA). In order to make #ExcelRebuild a success, it is crucial that this project has support from all people involved, that we listen to their opinions and consider their needs.

Keep eyes and ears open for more to come - let's build this school together!