AFFCAD  has numberly of programs it runs which includes;

a). AFFCAD s ASK Project is a successful self-contained program that directly supports its mission and objective of bettering the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS,and promotes  proper prevention mechanisms and perceptions in the community. This program seeks to create awareness through forums and open community discussions, reducing the stigma around sexual-health discussions. The ASK Project is one of the most cost-effective programs run by AFFCAD. Its value is also furthered through synergies and linkages acquired through education programming.The ASK project is also an important part of the value proposition for the AFFCAD organization, and should be allowed to grow further and scale to meet rising    demand. Testing and treatment clinics, run by partner organization ‒ Baylor University, provide an excellent resource to community people to seek information,care services and medication for dealing with and preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. AFFCAD should continue to maintain and build their relationship with Baylor to create further linkages to their education programming, and summer work camp.
b).Community Outreach and Engagement
AFFCAD s slum tour and summer work camp programs are its greatest marketing asset and revenue creation opportunity. AFFCAD s ability to provide volunteers and visitors with a compelling tour and learning  opportunity creates a network of long-term stakeholders who are most likely to become global ambassadors for AFFCAD.

c). Cultural Slum Tours:   
Are for-profit cultural tours of slum communities where AFFCAD implements poverty-alleviating programs. The objective of these tours is to create global citizens, and promote social understanding of the realities on the ground, by witnessing the vulnerabilities of poverty, as well as the hopeful and entrepreneurial spirit that is emitted. AFFCAD s ability to sustain this program well into the future, and its ability to market to an increasing population of young students and travelers will only benefit the organization s evolving network.

b).Summer Work Camp:  Each summer AFFCAD hosts volunteers from around the world for four weeks, for the annual Summer Work Camp to support the organization in a specific project that will give back to the community. Volunteers have the   opportunity to get to work with people in the community and begin to understand the local context while engaging with the community they are supporting. AFFCAD emphasizes hands-on learning and cultural exchange. AFFCAD has used this program to better reach a young audience in Western countries looking to enrich a study-abroad or travel opportunity by visiting Kawempe. These young people become a power resource and network for AFFCAD to capitalize on.