Bwaise is a slum that is located in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Bwaise is the poorest,most densely populated slum area in Kampala with a population of over 90,000 people, in which 65% of these populations are youth between the ages of 15 and 25 years of age.

Limited skills, poverty, lack of prospects, little or substandard education, poor infrastructure, and lack of basic services like water, shelter and sanitation, make it challenging for the slum youth of Bwaise to start and maintain a business. Many of the under-educated individuals living in Bwaise have to rely on the informal jobs, such as prostitution and trafficking; these jobs come with irregular and low wages, poor working conditions, no social security, are a hazard to their lives and expose them to high risks of HIV/AID infections and other STI’s

AFFCAD in a bid to combat challenges, improve the Livelihood and conditions of people living in Bwaise and other Slum Communities in Kampala City, decided to deliver using three major programs; Youth Economic Empowerment, Education and Health (My Health My Duty)

Youth Economic Empowerment

The Youth Economic Empowerment is AFFCAD’s unique program intended to provide livelihood opportunities to youth in extreme vulnerabilities through theoretical and hands on skills training, startups and apprenticeships. The program is also designed to target unemployed and vulnerable youth (16 – 30 years) with little or no formal education living in Kampala’s slum areas.

Un employment coupled with underemployment are significant challenges to young peoples’ meaningful involvement in the country’s economic activities and growth thus a need to increase access to skilling and employment opportunities to youth who do not qualify for formal training, education and employment and those in extreme vulnerabilities.


Young Women’s Entrepreneurship Skills Project

Many young women in Kampala Slums continue to battle domestic demands, illiteracy, poverty, patriarchy and negative cultural, religious and traditional practices. Some are even unaware of their rights and potentials. The mentioned obstacles make it unable for them to start and own businesses which further entrenches them in poverty and perpetrates their vulnerability.

The Young Women’s Entrepreneurial Skills Project implemented by AFFCAD with support from Enfance Tiers Monde, was conceived and designed with the need to equip and empower young women with financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills among others, commenced on the 22nd August 2016. The project targeted young women between the ages of 16-25 specifically locals of Bwaise The project covers two important aspects of Business

• GYBI ( Generate your Business Idea)

• SYB (Start Your Business) including Entrepreneurship and Financial literacy trainings.

The participating young women receive career guidance to enable make clear career decisions and are awarded certificates. This Project has a Seed Fund that is given to the best 5 business proposals presented.


Youth Empowered for Success

YES! Is a Project Implemented by AFFCAD with support from Mercy Corps, it is designed with an aim of supporting young people access economic opportunities including jobs, businesses, marketable skills, and financial and career services. The Project also works to improve the enabling environment for youth economic empowerment by promoting youth friendly policies and services

The project works with vulnerable youth aged 18 to 35 years old and strives to ensure that at least 50% of the participants are girls and young women. YES is tailored to ensure more girls and young women participates thus strategically positioning them to take full advantage of the opportunities. We believe that if youth acquire market-driven and transferable skills, are empowered to identify and access market opportunities, and are supported to thrive within an inclusive enabling environment, then they will increase their employment and entrepreneurship and drive their economies forward. Our goal is to enable increased and improved youth employment and entrepreneurship. This will drive economies and promote a positive narrative around youth as entrepreneurs, innovators, economic leaders and employers. We envision that youth empowerment will have a lasting positive ripple effect for their families, communities, businesses, countries and globally.


Strengthening Social Cohesion and Community Stability in Slum Populations (SSCoS)

Strengthening social cohesion and stability in slum populations of Kampala is a project funded by the European Union, in partnership with IOM and the government of Uganda, under the EU Trust Fund for Africa. It aims to address the root causes of inter-communal conflict in slum populations of Kampala as well as address possible political, social and economic drivers of radicalization and violent extremism. The project targets about 1000 vulnerable and at risk youth, and women living in Bwaise, Kisenyi, Katwe and Kabalagala. This project aims at giving them opportunities to gain skills through providing and access to employment opportunities including through the KCCA job matching data base. The project will equip AFFCAD with the resources to provide Youth Empowerment Scholarships to the Vulnerable Youth as well as open up a new Youth Employment Center to carter for the youth in Kisenyi, Katwe and Kabalagala Community based early warning systems will be developed through this project, this will be a “soft” system which will entail strengthening the ties between law enforcement and communities rather than sophisticated ICT systems, to ensure sustainability.

The Project aims to ensure that all vulnerable youth in target communities access employment opportunities and financial service. The project will also provide vocational/skills training and economic support to vulnerable youth.


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