Education in Uganda is a right enshrined in the 1995 Constitution under the social and economic state objectives obliging the state to ‘promote free and compulsory basic education‘ as well as ‘take appropriate measures to afford every citizen equal opportunity to achieve the highest educational standards possible’. The introduction of Universal Primary Education provided an opportunity to millions of Ugandan children to enroll and receive a basic education.

This is however not the case for Kampala’s Urban poor particularly those living in slums. Extreme poverty coupled by a high incidence of absentee parents has affected the delivery of education in Kampala’s poorest slums. ‘Without an education, people in Kampala slums will continue endlessly in the cycle of poverty and the additional problems that accompany extreme urban poverty.

Children in Kampala’s slums are often born in abject poverty; suffer in silence while their parents or guardians struggle to make daily ends meet. These children lack access to a good education, quality medical care, descent housing and even clothing. Many of the families in the slums are female headed households caring for not only their own children but also those from the extended lineages. These unfortunate conditions force children to resort to street life, drug abuse and commercial sex at very tender ages, which in itself perpetuates the rapid spread of sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS.

Excel Education Center

Interventions by AFFCAD under the Education programming component are to provide opportunities for Kampala’s slum children to access quality formal education. The Excel Education Center located in central Bwaise is designed to provide descent education to orphans and other vulnerable children including those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. The Center has a current enrolment of 200 kids.In addition AFFCAD conditionally feeds over 170 children between the ages of 3 – 16 years mostly orphans and vulnerable.


Bwaise Youth Employment Center

Since Primary Education is not in itself an end to the cycle of Education neither a means to decent employment, AFFCAD started the Bwaise Youth Employment Center (BYEC) in 2014 to provide training and vocational skills to vulnerable youth at affordable rates***. The center offers 7 seven hands on courses



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