"It is health that is real wealth."

Mahatma Gandhi

My Health My Duty

The programme has been set up in response to the glaring health-related challenges young people are confronted with regarding their sexuality. It’s a programme designed to ensure that young people access sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information and care services, including family planning and education. The programme promotes better health and tries to make sure that policy makers and other partners are responsive to the unique health needs of young people living in Kampala’s poorest slums.
The programme aims to increase young peoples’ access to comprehensive and quality sexual and reproductive health information and services in Kampala’s poorest slums. It also aims to educate adolescent boys and girls from Kampala’s poorest slums, so they know their SRH rights and have access to comprehensive SRH services and information.
The programme addresses the health challenges in slum communities caused by poor sanitation. Most slums suffer frequent flooding, either because their drainage systems are inadequate or non-existant, or because they are in low-lying areas, like Bwaise. The associated health implications exacerbate the spread of diseases and opportunistic infections, especially for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Break The Silence

This is a behavioural change project for young people. It focuses on reducing incidences of unwanted pregnancies and associated risks, such as unsafe abortions. Community Inter-Generational Dialogues aim to increase the number of social groups that support young women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights. These dialogues involve young people aged between 14 and 25, as well as health providers, guardians, village sengas, police, opinion leaders, school heads and local and religious leaders.
Outreach activities are targeted at young people, whether or not they attend school, to increase their knowledge about their sexual reproductive health and rights. It builds their confidence, so that they are more likely to share appropriate information with others. AFFCAD works closely with the Uganda Private Midwives Association (UPMA) and Reproductive Health Uganda (RHU) as referral partners for youth-friendly sexual reproductive health services.

Boy with condom he received
Talking to young people on the street
Break the silence workshop
Community outreach Break the Silence