Strengthening Social Cohesion and Stability in Slum Populations (SSCoS)

This is a project funded by the European Union, in partnership with IOM and the government of Uganda, under the EU Trust Fund for Africa. It aims to address the root causes of inter-communal conflict in slum populations of Kampala as well as address possible political, social and economic drivers of radicalization and violent extremism and to build strong, cohesive communities.

The project targets around 1,000 vulnerable and at risk young people and women living in Bwaise, Kisenyi, Katwe and Kabalagala. The aim is to create opportunities for skills training and giving access to employment opportunities, including via the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) job matching data base. The project will equip AFFCAD with the resources to provide Youth Empowerment Scholarships to the Vulnerable Youth as well as open up a new Youth Employment Centre to cater for the youth in Kisenyi, Katwe and Kabalagala.

Community based early warning systems will be developed through this project, which is seen as a “soft” system to strengthen ties between law enforcement and communities, rather than sophisticated ICT systems, to ensure sustainability.

Through this project, we hope vulnerable young people in target communities will have access to employment opportunities and financial services, as well as vocational and skills training and economic support.

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