Young Women’s Entrepreneurship Skills Project

Many illiterate women in the slums of Kampala battle daily to cope with domestic demands, poverty, patriarchy as well as negative cultural, religious and traditional practices. Some are unaware of their rights and potential. When all the factors listed above are in force, it is impossible for women to start their own businesses and this entrenches them in poverty. It keeps them vulnerable. It seems as if there’s no way out.

The Young Women’s Entrepreneurial Skills Project aims to forge an escape route for this generation. It was implemented by AFFCAD with support from Enfance Tiers Monde. The project was conceived and designed to equip and empower young women through providing them with financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills. It started on 22 August 2016, and targeted young women aged between 16 and 25, focusing mainly on those living in Bwaise. There are two main thrusts to this business project: GYBI (Generate your Business Idea) and SYB (Start Your Business) which includes entrepreneurship and financial literacy trainings.

The participants receive career guidance to allow them to make clear career decisions, and they are awarded certificates on completion. The project has a Seed Fund, and modest start-up funding is given to the best five business proposals.

Young Women can!
Supporters from Enfance Tiers Monde with beneficaries
Award ceremony
I'm a women, I can