Youth Empowered for Success

YES! is a project implemented by AFFCAD with support from Mercy Corps. It is designed to help young people access economic opportunities, including jobs, businesses, marketable skills, and financial and career services. It also promotes youth-friendly policies and services to make the business environment a more positive and enabling place for young people.

YES! works with vulnerable people aged between 18 and 35, and strives to make sure that at least half the participants are female. This means that more girls and young women are strategically positioned to take full advantage of any opportunities they come across. We believe that young people should acquire market-driven and transferable skills, and are empowered to identify and access market opportunities. Given this knowledge, and if they are supported in an enabling environment, then they will increase their employment and entrepreneurship, which is our goal. This will drive economies and promote young people as entrepreneurs, innovators, economic leaders and employers. We believe this will have a positive ripple effect for families, communities, businesses, countries and globally.

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YES staff engaging with beneficaries
Youth empowerment through YES
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