"The youth of today
are the leaders of tomorrow."

Nelson Mandela

Youth Economic Empowerment

This is a programme unique to AFFCAD. It aims to provide livelihood opportunities to extremely vulnerable young people. It uses theoretical and hands-on skills training, and will go on to help with start-ups and apprenticeships. It is designed to target those unemployed and vulnerable young people living in Kampala’s slum areas, aged from 16 to 30, who have little or no formal education.

Both unemployment and underemployment are significant challenges faced by those living in slums. It hinders young peoples’ meaningful involvement in the country’s economic growth and activities. We need to make sure young people gain access to upskilling and employment opportunities, even if they are vulnerable, or do not qualify for formal education or training.

Strengthening social cohesion and stability in slum populations (sscoS)
Youth empowered for success - yes!
Young women's entrepreneurship project (closed)